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P1030991Linnea, Gwen, Sonja, Ali, Elsa and Sofia all drove up today for the first day of camp.  The big girls were going to the 2 day camp while the others had a special couple days with mom.  I was excited that we got to walk to camp to check in.

P1030993Caleb DID NOT want to take this picture with the girls…he kept scooting away from Gwen. Why does this have to happen so early?

P1030997Caleb and Grayden and their counselor Brent.

P1030999A cabin full of boys!

My crazy kids!

P1030971 P1030974These two found the little bit of mud in the front yard and “painted” themselves.

P1030975 P1030976 P1030978This mess called for a dip in the lake.

P1030983 P1030989 P1030990Track suits courtesy of the Rills!  Jackson is wearing Emmett’s but it fits him the best!  I couldn’t help but think of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.